Tuesday, 26 July 2016

InDesign from Scratch - with Robin Nichols at UDEMY

Learn the basics of this impressive and highly creative application with my new online class Learning InDesign from Scratch though www.udemy.com

This class is completely online though www.udemy.com and represents terrific value with 47 tutorials and more than 4.5 hours of video to help you set up new and exciting InDesign projects - from making a simple business card to creating flyers, brochures, page layout, text flowing, image handling, export options, multimedia .pdfs, and much more.


Friday, 22 July 2016

New Photoshop CC class at BPSOP

I have just posted a brand new class with www.bpsop.com called Adobe Photoshop CC Projects - this is all about using your skills with Photoshop to create new and interesting imagery.
Learn how to refine selections, find, import and use (free)  Photoshop brushes, play with custom text, have fun with poster art, make involved Polaroid style collages, black-and-white and colour infra-red effects, collages, using (free) clip and stock art, and much more. Check out availability and cost here:

Learn how to source, download and use a wide range of free Photoshop brush effects, including
lighting and cloud brushes
Have fun re-creating big name movie posters with your own details - learning about the use of custom fonts, selections and filter effects
Special effects
Convert an image from a single shot to one made from multiple Polaroid type prints.
Experiment with both black-and-white and colour infra-red effects 
Learn how to source and use an incredible range of downloadable (and free) clip art and free stock to add to and enhance your own projects.
Make a miniature mode scene
Add your own clouds using Photoshop brushes

Friday, 1 July 2016

House Construction Photo Project #8

The end is in sight. Or at least I hope so: after three days of on/off hammering the yellowtongue boards onto the concrete floor, the parquetry guys zipped in and laid about 30 boxes of steelbark parquetry in a day!  Looks great, even in its raw, unfinished state...

Natalie getting touchy-feely
Living room with the yellowtongue cut, glued and screwed into the concrete floor ready for the parquetry tiles
Half a room of steel bark parquetry laid in a day...

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Needing a Theme? Choose 'Colour'

On my latest DSLR Essentials class thru CCE in Sydney, we walked from Darling Harbour to Rozelle light rail station, shooting as we went.  I try to encourage students to think about a theme - this is quite hard because there are many things to see and shoot: from maritime heritage to modern architecture, athletes, dog walkers, seascapes and dramatic scenery.
On answer to this is perhaps to choose a a more generic these rather than a specific one. I chose the word 'colour' - because most of the colour on the walk is quite bland. You could be more specific choosing yellow or red. I chose to go with spot colour just for fun.

Water taxi detail
Darling Harbour
Use only in emergency?HDR processed using Aurora HDR
Vietnamese fishing boat detail
Maritime museum
Splash of colour
Maritime muesum
Maritime museum
HDR processed using Aurora HDR
Logo on the side of HMAS Onslow
Best buddies
Two seagulls leaning on each other for support as they retract one leg each for warmth
Close up of the lightship
DIscarded paint can
James Craig berthHDR processed using Aurora HDR

Rusted steel bollard
Old CSR site, Pirramama road
HDR processed using Aurora HDR

Friday, 17 June 2016

Vivid downpour tests our drainage to the limit...

I was going to spend the night at Vivid but the heavens opened and it poured down so we cancelled.
I thought the sump pump was going to cope but on inspection the next day, we found the electrician standing at the top of the stairs in bare feet.
Bad sign!
It turns out that the pump float got tangled in the cables (it's a temporary unit) and failed to start.
So it filled up and overflowed in the night, leaving two to three inches of crappy water in the garage and into the storerooms at the back. Luckily it wasn't quite high enough to cause damage to the stored stuff, but it still made a mess.
Left-over acoustic insulation floating out the door...